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Buffalo Sabres Report with Cody Hodgson

Feb 5, 2014|

Janet & Nick talked to Buffalo Sabres Center Cody Hodgson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is 805 accused -- look like five it's Janet Snyder -- took us so we welcome to the show from the buffalo save hers the one and only Cody Hodgson -- hell yeah. -- they don't really get it was fun to watch your trip to the West Coast in terms of bringing along the parents and everything tell me about the trip. I've got here remember Benedict. Not familiar has spent the month -- so there's -- see them. And you know -- and -- there have expressed do you know and I'm done. In terms of the sabres struggles that we're seeing right now how. How has the team reacted to that in terms of what you think your play and the penguins tonight an amazing team. What do you do to get get it right tonight. What I wanted to focus on ourselves because -- we're. Did you look at that -- and -- the of the -- in the area you know we do we need to do right now. I would change some things system's -- I think it's gonna help us. Do you find that people are starting to ask you about Ryan Miller because it seems to be the talk now as he deflects the talk of the future. Ryan -- contracts coming up is that ever heard discussed in the locker room players contracts. I won't let that situation but but yeah -- controls don't. Or just. -- do what you do right now. On an operative procedure. What do you hear in terms of the Olympics -- and hockey as it a different kind of game compared to what we see in the NHL of the rules different. I don't silver but do you think icing it and you know the fighting rules don't like that again. The -- someone's backyard come down -- To scoring right. If you're gonna do an Olympic event and you couldn't do ice hockey what Olympic event would you do. I I don't live. The deterrent I don't know. -- -- -- -- I was so I would do losing that doesn't look too hard thank you run with a slight downhill champ exactly. Let's talk about the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight tell me about their team and he played with any of the guys from the penguins. No escape -- -- you know sorry we're certainly argue leverage and other kidnapped. Proper. -- don't think so. -- Pittsburgh Penguins of course in town tonight yes it can -- and -- goal slump lately a drought if you will so I don't know if that's good or bad coming in. -- office 730 tonight Cody had some of the Buffalo Sabres have a great game tonight. --

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