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John Newman interview

Feb 7, 2014|

Janet & Nick interviewed John Newman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this Jan new. Premiere of hi Janet Janet and nick kiss in buffalo -- and here are eager to repair hurry and really get and we're getting to be huge fans of years here kiss ninety point die here. Skinny little background about how you got started. Here because. I girl in this small little town called counselor and offering religion. Currently in the African country -- in America but -- -- -- -- -- kind of Frederick community by -- and particularly the most said the Politico that the I got a good footwear factory gates some sort of for the -- -- -- -- and -- yes shoot from -- But currently live in London signed for a wreck caused them republic day in America and eventually doping unit and. You really do have that northern soul sound and I kind of put you in the same camp I like Calvin Harris a lot I heard your sign and I heard elements of that so it's interesting to hear that you got into it DJ. Yeah they have -- all like a lot of people become a ghost -- children and they. You pick syndrome character like give -- crime and some of -- today but the defense I think our. They're all about -- -- recommend the card period and really get into the opening an old organ for a book and it started many more -- and that had a sound of -- -- American monster. We're told me in the -- but I'll feel the he go over the cooperation of influences. Tell me about the song love me again. -- -- gentlemen in with a picture in Europe and you can quote unquote American bring Eric. You're a good basic complete album tribute -- The brick bubble world to ensure their retirement. From the support wherever you are certainly is due to a fair and you know kind of when you -- something you may sit and -- I'm -- appeared unfortunately there's a lot of burn number. Here at home they've flown before -- air and -- the third hole where I really got I'm so critical progress. I've held in March around them and them -- listen music really look. Right so when I listen to the song love me again so I have a right you break up with a girl you decide you wanna give back together with there's so you go back after her. Finger and it didn't last marrow was it fun while it lasted at least there with her and it sort Bernard and -- It is they're hurt but here's John human love me again -- to study point five. Okay. -- point five -- -- we are on the phone with John -- of course. The artist that sings love me again so really talking to you -- now jammed. I'm just -- -- -- New York. -- in America don't work number out there are pretty critical need Gilbert difficulties retreated. Yeah out what makes it so different from the UK from your perspective John. What you guys have socialized on -- then and then there's Americans really respect good neither can stand -- and well crafted songs you don't just. There anything crazy because no more like -- here in the UK. Perfect fit -- -- about its fiscal from -- number ones from. A player remission -- case is ridiculous that there you guys you know. You're really respect me that's what it is important I appreciate that you guys remind me a little bit on -- -- -- kind of -- you know. What is the one concert that used scene. Then you're like I wanna rocket like that like I wanna have that kind of show from my fans. I think become an -- and they go about the all the time and government -- -- -- incredible electric calmly oh hairdo wont. And great friend then they would have to micro jerk and imprudent and Jim Brown on the guards are incredible and the number of people paying particular -- normally -- them and our -- -- -- got the -- to repellent. Burned so much incredible -- Justin Timberlake and and you know it's beyond -- -- incredible either. Well and it's funny you bring up reminds watching your talent performance I got this Bruno Mars and vibe from your performance you must be a big fan. I haven't recovered in -- really really talented and and you know you can make music you want to make -- into the curriculum ultra for trauma. And in terms of following you on FaceBook instant Graham Twitter -- -- Italian. Mary. Younger music ever we're premier music that book for its book of chrome. Or -- on him and knew that the -- gonna come and visit us in Buffalo, New York soon I would look there's definitely -- -- -- -- -- point five.

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