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Kat Graham Interview

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Sat, 29 Jun 2013|

Kat Graham Interview


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The green -- -- yeah I just couldn't keep them yet. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. We don't cardinals on. Well. It. True. -- every day like this. Backstage at this December hello with the very gorgeous Kat Graham I. He dad think governments -- -- kill it on stage they feel it Silas hot at some heavy -- sign that you know latter I didn't faint and that. Sell grain like on these kids from buffalo they're -- flights. The episode dealt their cool and grounded NC and the fans of the -- that -- -- -- music -- So US until advancements so I want you teach me one dares simple something. Mind you I'm the least according personally until funny is because early -- had to -- it at like is it. Body in that and that crowd are the ones in the seat that went out yet. I think I'll let you know like because it has its -- at this I think you like battle me. Since they did you battle a battle. Working with -- -- little. Hey you be surprised okay. Are you gonna drop the -- are higher at each step is we Java -- -- dances at. Anything yet. Happening agency in agreement. You're going to be back as if we're gonna dance. -- -- -- Them us but in this room it's them it's. And stick them -- but it's just. It's down it's the months they'll miss. It's down it's then it's them it's them it's recruits. They'll roots then that's. On. A virus tired I think she getting cheated my butt. Completely pilots talk about wanna say one save a single that I had released before the song that just premier power power is when you wanna talk about. Howard Hughes on gas. Nancy I guess yeah. Hot -- Being here and I'm really excited about that -- -- thing is about sonic is better than wanna saying I'm really excited about it you know getting it'd shoot the Allen. And and the fans are really responding to NNM scientists are performing in him. What's it out and pat is about it's it's it's a lot -- and a different way it's about kind of being. Somebody. Who'll. Wasn't always like the popular kid and then somebody comes along and shows you how much she means to them and that they keep you howler and that there. -- you're the apple of their ride that your it for that and that is that somebody can lock in your life and if you feel. Like he can do anything that nothing's impossible that there are no limits and and I really love it and one thing you wanna -- -- fans buffalo Lawler and brokers that got online you know message that. And I guess nice kids know me pretty well. One and it stated damage that. You know this is a journey from -- but -- I'm on the -- imaging and music this is a journey with them. -- together and I hope that I always make them feel like we're in it together and that without them I am not saying and I wouldn't even be interested. In doing this -- -- bring them up with means so. I have daily snow that. And that show you mentioned course and -- paradise knots trying to get into Bristol estranged I mean I don't sparkle in the other -- on -- night and she's knowledge yes -- -- -- But I did catch the last episode where he'd like you kind of like diving you don't -- -- so so unit you know Tommy -- a unique you sell -- right. And I ask every time dad but I am not a means to this is kind of like -- their time dying. They're really dead. So they can still watch you for a long time at a little little CE and me and I I guess every some unfinished business in season five -- that like decent -- in season five but. The amount of yeah. You years now I intimidating that perfectly and I are quite can't write a letter. It's it's even it's not even -- -- even I can't sorry you missed it. -- -- -- yet when I got that created she's gonna bring it in relied backstage kisses ever tonight their team tech Graham -- Boom.

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