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Jonas Brothers Interview

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Thu, 12 Dec 2013|

Jonas Brothers Interview


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's not if like that it kit is -- 2013. Hanging with the Jonas Brothers so -- wondering which Jonas brother I'm standing with what's your name. My name's nick Harding met Richard yeah immunity now I would be seeing Kevin's not here how how much Thanksgiving. It was really good news and is it the whole family there. You know as it's conference -- the grandparents and you know instant effect Texas and in doing that who -- the most. -- No -- with on almost like I'm not puke. Thank you feeling and -- side. Thank you. An industry Japan's efforts up and you can't Wear -- But the fundamental issue with wearing sweatpants and it's not a fan. I'd like to go to bed. I'm more comfortable and probably should you Wear jeans to that now -- I would not. At first right here -- debt that Brothers get to know which. Yeah that is excellent books on these -- -- it was a question more a statement and we know attendant. -- -- I don't hear Eric as a special we're so excited to have you -- -- does -- -- -- -- I -- I was just to hear me like before the interview literally -- office only girl to hug you kiss you you know just like expressed how he. It's awesome you know in the day would come down to for -- the fact that these fans to stick around for -- long time was bursting from the cases from -- -- -- Somebody was -- like literally one of our first concert ever. That was out there. It's ninth you know and so does seem overwhelming but. That everybody's been really fun cooling. The best part of having bands that are so. And it over the top of that who think that respect the fans but so passionate about the -- These amazing you know shows their commitment. An and they've they've always been island which is in unison as they as they've grown up who did. It's sort of carried on but now you know there's that glass of wine involved before in some cases. So it can be a little bit more. Aggressive. What is it -- in terms of what we talk about making good sunk as we talk about the musical direction that you both wanna take. And I think about having somebody up on -- like BB Rex was definitely found in the country actually grow monster for Eminem and Rihanna. I wanna know from each of you because you've all got your individual opinion -- want -- -- -- -- direction on you know. She makes the wrong direction. I think he is two part question what I think makes the song great in my opinion. -- now I think something that these kind shifting music nine and something that's one step ahead and that's kind of you look at the top -- music right now onion. Impressed with how people are going against the -- of what they should say is -- so called pop music such -- -- like Kennedy underdogs are winning and mis direction I would I would go in it's tough to say he's -- -- he'll create -- people that I really love and produce people that -- for the little things up. Exit question. Yeah I think that. You know really all depends. I've been writing for us and for individual work. I'm done. But also for the people and and that's -- of the world not so this is trying to match the rights on the right artists and you know you can read a hundred songs and one of those can be really -- such as that in my mind -- right it's much you can and hopefully something really connects. I think about. Rating down words to feelings that I Mike Hanna how personal that must be and in the studio to -- about the size were standing right now. It did it's a big commitment to have somebody sit down with you can clip. Yet it. I was really funny he'll tour and other people and other artists in and they bring an idea is I think we've always been -- to have people come in the studio and analysts and somebody in the studio because you can you can really open up a bit more. -- your fans. They want and like we have to give them something. We had to give them some like first of all I need to know how well they would give you that for I wanna know something that you'd never told anybody before. Until this interview right now. Okay. -- pants he didn't even know that. It. Up now I opened whale. It is listed. It's. I like to take showers during the day multiple shown some times it. Nova net. They're gonna -- I enjoy out take into tournaments now. That shower is why because you got the ones with the stuff coming down on political on all angles. Feelings coming back I just think well. Like the one overhead. Again and don't have one yet. With its with a seat in the shower segmented and undermine my -- thoughts. News. Yeah I think. And what would you like to I I need to know what you wanna say to your fans as we you don't. -- think you're being mean you mean so much to them so it's Christmas time and then we're coming up to a new year so each of you speak to your well. And -- assailant to a happy holiday. Have a great new year. To next here. And they do it's. -- -- I would say -- happy it's you. Christmas news all of that and also next year's going to be good here. You know I think the decision we made -- to go off and doing things is is good for us now we're happy to close this chapter and. Continuing on doing things look out for the projects will be doing. -- now they're gonna take the stage it's kissed his best Jonas Brothers.

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